Here I have collected some teaching resources, which I have found useful for a variety of topics in Astronomy and Physics.

Clear Sky Chart for Bridgeport, CT

Astronomy Videos There are some instructional videos produced by some friends in the Astronomy department at Penn State University.

Overtones and Beats on a Stringed Instrument A video I made demonstrating the phenomena of overtones and beats on a double bass.

Atomic Physics References from Online University A nice (and quite comprehensive) list of resources in atomic physics. Actually, the entire science section is useful.

Black Holes Videos Some great videos where real physicists (Kip Thorne, Clifford Will and others) talk about black holes.

Parallel Transport of Vectors in a Surface Cool little flash applet that shows you how vectors parallel transport on a curved surface.

The Field of a Moving Point Change Cool little applet that shows you what the electric field of a moving point charge looks like. Whoa.

Online Gravitational Waves Course from Caltech Taught by Kip Thorne, videos and some lecture notes online.