Curriculum Vitae

A more updated version of this CV here.


Ph.D. Physics, 2013 Florida State University, Adviser Matilde Marcolli.

M.S. Physics, 2009 Florida State University

M.S. Astrophysics, 2007 Pennsylvania State University, Adviser Robin Ciardullo

B.S. Astrophysics, 2005 University of Massachusetts

Academic Experience

Present: Visiting Scholar, Stony Brook University

2007-2013: Research Assistant, Florida State University. Dissertation title Exotic Smoothness, Branched Covering Spaces, and Quantum Gravity.

2007-2013: Teaching Assistant, Florida State University. Classes taught: College Physics A (studio), General Physics A (studio), College Physics A (lab), Physics of Light and Sound, Graduate Classical Mechanics (grader), Quantum Field Theory A (grader), Graduate Quantum Mechanics A (grader), Introductory Astronomy Laboratory.

2005-2007: Research Assistant, Pennsylvania State University. Thesis title A Complete Picture of the Planetary Nebula Luminosity Function: Including the Effects of Blue Straggler Evolution 

2005-2007: Teaching Assistant, Pennsylvania State University. Taught Introductory Astronomy Laboratory

2005: Undergraduate Researcher,  Commonwealth College Honors Thesis title Discrete X-ray Sources in the Chandra Galactic Center Survey.


Duston C, Semiclassical Partition Functions for Gravity with Cosmic Strings arXiv:1301.0016v2 [gr-qc] (archive link)

Duston C, Topspin Networks in Loop Quantum Gravity, Class. Quantum Grav. 29 (2012) 205015. (archive link)

Duston C, Exotic Smoothness in Four Dimensions and Euclidean Quantum Gravity, International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, 8(3), 2011. (archive link)

Research Presentations

Complete Semiclassical Partition Functions and Cosmic Strings, 79th SESAPS, November 2012. (pdf)

Topspin Networks in Loop Quantum Gravity (invited talk), 13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, July 2012. (pdf)

Topological Issues in (Loop) Quantum Gravity, FSU Nuclear Physics Seminar, March 2012. (pdf)

Exotic Smoothness in Four Dimensions, 6th Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, May 2011.(pdf)

Exotic Smoothness in Euclidean Quantum Gravity, 19th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, Mexico City, Mexico, July 2010.

Exotic Smoothness and Euclidean Quantum Gravity in Four Dimensions, FSU-UF High Energy Physics Meeting, Gainsville, Florida, USA, April 2010.

Exotic Smoothness, Physics, and Geometry, FSU Mathematics Club, Tallahassee, Florida, USA, October 2009.


First Erlangen Fall School on Quantum Geometry, Erlangen, Germany, Fall 2012 (participant).

Group Theory in Particle Physics, FSU Physics Department, Fall 2011-Spring 2012 (presenter/participant). (pdf)

Noncommutative Geometry, FSU Mathematics Department, Spring 2010-Fall 2011. Presented on:

  • Spin Geometry in Physics (pdf)
  • The Spectral Action and the Noncommutative Standard Model (pdf)
  • Noncommutative Geometry and Loop Quantum Gravity (pdf)
  • Statistical Mechanics and the Bost-Connes System (pdf)
  • Seiberg-Witten Theory (pdf)

Higgs Physics, FSU Physics Department, Spring 2011. Presented on Decays of Standard Model Higgs.

Effective Field Theory, FSU Physics Department, Spring 2010 (participant)


Teaching Assistant of the Year, Pennsylvania State University, 2007.

Braddock/Roberts Fellowship, Pennsylvania State University, 2005.

David van Blerkom Undergraduate Research Scholarship, University of Massachusetts, 2003.