Physics in Music Instructional Videos

I’ve posted a set of short demonstration videos on the physics of music to YouTube over the past few weeks. The first two were by request from an instructor I work with at The Expert TA, and then I got inspired during one of my practice sessions.


The first is on Overtones and Beats, which I demonstrate on my double bass. It’s classic topic; I discuss how to produce the overtones series on a stringed instrument, and I also talk a little bit about beats.


The second is on Vibrato, and is just a simple illustration of what vibrato is and what it sounds like on a stringed instrument (my double bass again). I slow things down as best I can so you can really hear what is going on.


The third is on Sympathetic Resonance on a classical guitar. While I was playing on day I started noticing a variety of resonance occurring, so I thought it would be interesting to make a short video discussing the phenomena. I’ve been thinking in sympathetic resonance from a compositional standpoint for a while, and it’s a topic which might interest students as well. Resonance on a guitar is not quite as dramatic as the Tacoma Narrows bridge, but I’m thinking it might be something they can relate a little better too…


The quality of the videos is good enough but not fantastic – I’ve just done them now because I have time now. If I have more time (and technology) in the future I might update/improve them.


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