About Me

I am a theoretical and mathematical physicist. My primary research interests are classical and quantum gravity, noncommutative geometry, gauge theory, and high energy physics. My current research involves using the representation of three- and four-manifolds as branched covers to construct physical models for the gravitational field. I have also worked on exotic smooth structures and have a particular interest in loop quantum gravity. On this page you will find links to my research projects, some teaching resources, and other interesting things related to physics, astronomy, and non-science related topics.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Christopher,

    this is Dilaton from Physics SE, not sure if you remember me …

    We are a small group of people, who have set up a new higher-level physics site outside the SE network with the intention to some kind of revive the closed Theoretical Physics SE with a slightly broadend scope (including experimental physics) and lowered bar to ask questions (graduate-level upward). The content of the former theoretical physics site is successfully imported into the new site, called PhysicsOverflow. You can access it and see what we are doing here


    In case of technical issues you can mail to admin@physicsoverflow.org.

    Apart from the Q&A section, PhysicsOverflow will offer in addition a Reviews section, dedicated to discuss and review (mostly ArXiv but other sources can be considered too) papers publicely and “in real time”.


    We are currently still in technical private beta, but the public beta of PhysicsOverflow (focusing on the Q&A part while the Reviews section still needs further development) will start most probably next week during the night Thursday/Friday 3./4. April.

    We would be very happy to welcome you on PhysicsOverflow


    The PhysicsOverflow team

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